Chopped Garlic and more…

Enjoy our plain chopped garlic or other variations of:

  • Garlic and Ginger
  • Garlic, Ginger & Chilli
  • Garlic Spread
  • Crushed Ginger
  • Garlic Rub
  • Garlic, Ginger & Dayna

Feta Cheeses

Try our soft, white, brine-cured Greek cheese is made from sheep’s milk or goat’s milk. 

A creamier and smoother variant of the original Feta cheese, Danish Feta is made from cow’s milk. Our Danish type of feta wins hearts over with its mild flavour and its ability to be cubed without crumbling.


Kalamata olives have a rich and fruity flavour.

Green olives are obtained from olives harvested during the ripening cycle when they have reached normal size, but prior to colour change. They are usually hand picked when there is a slight change in hue from leaf-green to a slightly yellowish green and when the flesh begins to change consistency but before it turns soft.

Stuffed olives are great as appetisers, in main dishes or as garnish. Our olives are stuffed with Pimentos which start out in life as a variety of chilli pepper called “cherry peppers.” Small and red, they are sweeter than bell peppers and very mild.

Calamata style olives are our locally grown olives that brings the fruity flavour in a smaller olive.

Greek Salad Mix

Get the best of our olives and feta as a ready to use mix in a traditional Greek Salad. The unique mediterranean flavour is enhanced with our garlic and secret spice mix giving that authentic Greek taste.


Our chillies are slowly pickled and/or finely chopped to give a spicy bite to your favourite dish.